Deciding what to delegate has never been easier…

What are the warning signs that you need to delegate? 

This is such a good question and there are three simple answers: 

  1. You are feeling overwhelmed and/or overworked – and this has become the norm.

  2. You have knowledge and experience gaps that are holding your business back (e.g there are tasks on your To Do List that are outside of your areas of expertise and/or interest and things take you longer than they should) or those knowledge and experience gaps are negatively impacting your people, clients or the world around you (e.g. you don’t have the people management skills to lead your team effectively and as a result, they are not performing).

  3. Your profit margins are healthy enough to do things differently – just because you can do it all, doesn’t mean you should.

If you are in one (or all three) of these camps, it is time to really consider delegating. As a business leader, your time is far better spent on strategic thinking and designing a business that makes the world, and our experience of it, better. You should be delivering work only you can, based on a grounded understanding of what your clients want. When you are doing this, and have the systems, processes and people around you that drive success, you will be operating at a different level… who knows what’s possible then?! 

Ready to take your business to the next level?

Start by taking a look at our free Delegation Tool. This will help you determine the work you should be doing – identifying everything else that can be delegated internally, outsourced to professionals like us, or taken off your plate with a little help from AI.


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