Life is far too short for a career you don’t love.

Too many people stay in employed positions because they think it’s the safest thing to do. In reality, the bravest thing you can do is invest in yourself and become a sought-after freelancer. This puts you in charge of your earning potential, working schedule and ultimately, career success.

Welcome to our world.

Joining us as a Passionate PA franchisee gives you the opportunity to create a flexible, rewarding business you love, following our successful business model, with all the training and support you need to fulfil your professional ambition and financial goals – and have a lot of fun along the way!

Watch this video from our franchisor, Kate Chastey, to discover more. 

It’s time for you to fulfil your true potential.

This opportunity is for you if you are a dedicated, enthusiastic, highly skilled and commercially savvy individual with a solid yet varied career history. If you are always the ‘go-to’ person in any business, love being part of a team and have an incredible can-do approach… keep reading!

As a brilliant communicator who builds rapport quickly, you’ll have exceptional skills in organisation and time management, plus the ability to prioritise and complete any To Do List no matter what challenges you face. Passionate PAs thrive on business and entrepreneurship so usually have experience way beyond what you’d expect of a traditional PA, office manager, business manager or team leader. You’ll be no stranger to technology, keen to embrace the AI revolution and a whizz with Microsoft Office and Google, plus you’ll have an insatiable thirst for learning and knowledge.

You’re also likely to have a little fire burning inside that says “I can do more, be more, live more”…

Run your own business, be part of an amazing team.

Each member of #TeamPassionatePA is self-employed as a franchisee under our brand. As a team we offer business support services to entrepreneurs and ambitious business owners who value our time and experience. Individually, each Passionate PA manages their own set of clients, choosing their working schedules, service areas and criteria for success. Then, when the opportunity arises, Passionate PAs collaborate together on the same client to deliver their combined knowledge and experience.

We will teach you how to make the most of your skills and experience in your available working time. Unlike other business opportunities, or indeed ‘going-it-alone’, our franchisees spend the majority of their time delivering client work and building relationships (i.e. earning money from day one!). With us, you do not need to spend oodles of time, money or effort on any other aspect of business such as developing a successful business model, brand creation, strategy, target market knowledge, marketing or reputation management.

The average solo freelancer or Virtual Assistant can take 12 months if not more to replace their employed monthly income, with us, most franchisees achieve this within three months AND smash all the initial targets they set themselves within 6!

Joining us means all the hard work has been done for you.

Let’s set you up for success.

Once you successfully complete our vigorous (but fun) recruitment journey, your initial franchise investment will secure your place in our team and together we launch YOUR BUSINESS! During our unique training experience, we will teach you all there is to know about how to become a successful freelancer and how to build a client base that is both rewarding and profitable.

You’ll get exclusive access to our extensive Operations Manual on our bespoke e-learning platform PLUS follow-up tutorials delivered via video or webinar. Then there’s up to 8 days intensive business training, 121 with Kate Chastey – our franchisor and a seasoned freelancer in her own right. Following initial training, as you take the first steps to building and running your business, we offer a 12 Week Business Development Course to arm you with all the tools, confidence and connections you need to thrive.

There’s no other training like this in the world! 

As part of your launch, we provide business stationery and a promotional starter kit, plus proven marketing campaigns to get your first clients secured as quickly as possible. As Passionate PAs, we don’t wait for the perfect clients to come to us… we teach you how to win the clients you truly desire from day 1.

Kate also personally mentors every new Passionate PA through their first 6 months (and well beyond), ensuring you take strategic, positive steps towards building a freelance business that suits your personal goals. Kate has over a decade of experience to share so there is no business challenge you can’t conquer together.

This is your chance to be part of something different.

The Passionate PA offers you a truly unique opportunity to build a business where you work from home yet still see clients and professional connections face-to-face on a weekly basis. You will also become part of a powerful team who are all committed to supporting and nurturing each other for the greater good of all. We have an incredibly valuable approach to marketing as a team, and at least three times a year we physically get together for masterclasses and away days… oh the fun!

This business is different. There is no CEO in an ivory tower or competitiveness with each other – if you want to build yourself a successful lifestyle business earning between £2,500 and £9,000 a month, under a trusted and respected brand, Kate will hold your hand every step of the way and, of course, the rest of the Passionate PAs will be standing right by your side too. We are a non-competitive, non-territory franchise – our team is all about collaboration, learning and fun.

Having the determination and ambition to become self-employed is awesome. Having the foresight, courage and commitment to do so with a franchise like ours gives you an unrivalled safety net and support structure.

Have you got butterflies yet?

Click the button below, enter your details and download our Information Pack if you are eager to know more about how our business works, the training and support on offer, the initial investment, how much you can expect to earn and much, much more…

Meet two of our successful franchisees…

Steph is The Passionate PA based in Christchurch, she joined us in November 2021.

In her last employed role, Steph was an HR Change Manager for Sainsbury’s. When the business was looking to restructure, Steph took voluntary redundancy in pursuit of a different life – one that had balance and where she could positively make a happy family life her personal success marker, yet still have a rewarding and challenging career.

In this podcast, Steph is interviewed by Franchising Expert Ed Purnell. They talk about why Steph chose The Passionate PA above all other options available to her, and what she’s found on the other side of employment.

*Spoiler alert – it’s REAL happiness!*

Debbie joined us in January 2016, she is The Passionate PA based in Poole, Dorset. 

“Starting your own business takes a giant leap of faith and that can be a daunting prospect. Right from the start of my working relationship with Kate she has offered me the highest level of support, is eternally positive and has an infectious level of confidence. Her passion for business is obvious, her knowledge and her willingness to share that with others is awesome. Being a Passionate PA allows me to run my own business, within a tried and tested business model and with a brand that has strength and is growing; safe in the knowledge that I always have Kate’s full support when I need it.”

Meet the team dedicated to your success…

So, who is Kate Chastey?

Helloooo! I’m so thrilled you’re reading this! So I became a Passionate PA in 2009, in a personal pursuit to never need an employer again.

After 5 successful years as a lone freelance PA making significant income, I decided the legacy of the business I’d inherited from Sarah Howells needed to go further, I had a hunger for more and loved teaching people how to be successful. After searching for the appropriate growth model, and rejecting employing or the associate model, I began franchising the business in 2015. This was no mean feat as a 30-something woman in a male dominated arena, let me tell you! But, as you’ll find out if you choose to get to know me, I’m not the kind of person to let that stand in the way of doing something I feel so passionately about.

There’s not much I haven’t seen in business from my varied 20+ year career. I’m now a chartered marketer (letters after my name and everything!) and invest an unhealthy amount of time in self-development and personal learning. All of this is mixed with my heart-centred approach to everything and people tell me it’s that which makes me a great mentor. I now spend the majority of my time recruiting, training, mentoring and supporting my franchisees to fulfil their individual goals. I also still work with a handful of clients because I simply love the buzz of helping them achieve amazing things.

When I’m not being a mentor, a franchisor or a Passionate PA, I can be found on my gorgeous little farm on Dartmoor where I live with my family, golden Labrador Ruby and my comical rescue pony, Harry.

You can learn more about me here or connect on LinkedIn or, if you are really keen, book a 121 – I’d love that! 😃

Ian Bradley
Franchise Mentor

Ian is an award-winning franchisor with over 30 years’ experience in the industry. He has held positions on the Board of the British Franchise Association and is still actively working within the industry on a daily basis. Ian met Kate in 2016 and has been her advisor and mentor in the management and growth of The Passionate PA ever since.

When Ian is not working he can be found on the sea somewhere, or enjoying family life in the West Country with his wife and daughter.

Jenni Bowman
Franchisee & Community Manager

We created this role in 2023 with the prime focus of nurturing the awesome culture we have as a team, as our business grows. Connection and fun are paramount for us and so Jen now works alongside Kate to champion the brand, organise events and offer peer support.

When she’s not working, Jen can be found galavanting around Europe with her family, laughing (a lot) and spending time with her blended yet simply perfect family.

Emma Graham
Kate’s Personal Assistant

Emma has been Kate’s PA since 2019 and is now responsible for much of the organisation in the business. Emma loves the detail and keeping records perfectly so, she’s the perfect partner to Kate’s creative and fast-paced brain! Emma also does a little client work too as she supports all of #TeamPassionatePA in their work when needed.

Emma is a true foodie so when she’s not supporting the growth of our business, she’s often enjoying eating out with her husband and two children, or at ‘pudding club’ with friends.