ScaleUp Radio – From Freelancer to Franchisor

Scaling up a business isn’t easy, in fact it can be a little daunting. ScaleUp Radio exists to make it a little easier. The show is hosted by Kevin Brent, the founder of BizSmart.

Recognising the challenges that owner-managers face in scaling their businesses, Kevin interviews successful entrepreneurs who have ‘been there’, offering valuable insights and advice. With over ten years of experience working with hundreds of owner-managers, Kevin has distilled his learnings into a practical guide called the Entrepreneurial Scale Up System (ESUs), which serves as a helpful handbook for navigating the scale-up journey (buy a copy here).

About this podcast episode

Kate Chastey, our franchisor, was delighted to be asked to talk with Kevin on his renowned podcast. This episode delves deep into Kate’s remarkable journey and uncovers the ins and outs of the franchising world.

Kate’s infectious enthusiasm for her work shines through as Kevin explores her diverse experiences and the pivotal moments that led her to embrace the franchising model. They uncover the challenges she faced and the lessons she learned while experimenting with various business approaches before finding her calling in franchising.

This episode stands out as an invaluable resource for anyone interested in franchising or considering it as a viable business model. It’s also a great insight into the ‘human behind the business’ for any potential franchisees! Kate shares her personal insights and expertise, highlighting the advantages and opportunities that franchising can offer. It can help you gain a comprehensive understanding of how franchising works, its potential benefits, and how it may align with your own business aspirations.

Kate’s candid storytelling and the lessons she learned during her 13 years in business provide valuable takeaways for all listeners.

Key Takeaway #1: Buying into a franchise can lead to quick success
Starting a business from scratch can be a daunting and time-consuming process. But with the right franchise, you can benefit from a tried and tested business model that can catapult you to success within the first three months. Kate highlights the advantages of investing in a franchise rather than going it alone and explains how franchisees can recoup their initial investment in a short period of time with the Passionate PA.

Key Takeaway #2: The evolving role of Personal Assistants (PAs)
PAs are often misunderstood as solely administrative professionals. However, Kate sheds light on the extensive range of services that Passionate PAs provide for solopreneurs and SMEs. From marketing and business development to strategy creation and process automation, PAs offer a game-changing level of support for ambitious business leaders on their growth journey.

Key Takeaway #3: Cultivating a unique franchise culture
Kate emphasises the importance of creating a connected and supportive franchise culture that focuses not only on profit margins but also on a fulfilling work-life flow. With a strong emphasis on client happiness, mentorship and accessible support, franchisees of Passionate PAs have the opportunity to shape their own success while being part of a nurturing and connected team.

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