Getting to know Debbie

Meet Debbie

Debbie Frith is our Passionate PA based in Poole, Blandford, Wimborne and surrounds. She’s commercially savvy with great experience in business operations. In this blog, Debbie shares a little about herself.

Debbie became the third Passionate PA back in January 2016. Previously, her career had enabled her to build a wealth of experience in managing people, planning for growth and creating efficient operations. Debbie has a passion for business and doing things exceptionally well, she loves nothing more than seeing her clients’ businesses fly!

Getting to know Debbie

Alarm goes off at:

Start the day with:
Earl Grey tea, the school bus run and a 2-3 mile dog walk.

Where do you do most of your work?
My home office and ‘away’ which could be with clients in their offices across Poole, Blandford and Wimborne or at venues and locations they specify.

What sectors do your clients operate within?
Engineering & Manufacturing, Leadership and Team Coaching, Recruitment, Angel Investment Networks, Healthcare, API & Web Integration.

Best part of your work:
The variety of my work is amazing; two days really are never the same. I could be running an online event for 50 investors one day and the next creating a 6-month marketing plan. I’m also a Dorset Chamber Ambassador and I really enjoy the opportunity that gives me, to understand and support other businesses in the Dorset Chamber network.

Worst part of your work: 
There really isn’t any because I choose the clients I work with and therefore the type of work that I do. Why would I choose something I don’t like!

Clients you add most value to:
Those that are already on a journey of business growth, they need partnership and support to continue on their upwards trajectory.

After work you’ll be:
Spending time with my family, socialising with friends.

Why a franchise with The Passionate PA and not go it alone?
It’s a no brainer to me and always has been. People who think starting up their own business is going to be easy, are usually misinformed.

There is so much to consider when running your own business, aside from actually delivering the service or creating the product – that’s the easier bit!

The Passionate PA is a tried and tested business model, it works, it’s successful and all the hard work of creating a recognisable brand with a great reputation has been done for you. The support I receive from Kate, the franchisor, provides me with the framework I need to fly. The hard work is down to me though, (it is after all my business), she is always on hand but the day-to-day running and overall goals are all down to me.

What did you do before:
I was a Senior Area Manager in branded restaurants, working with teams across the South of England. I then joined the family manufacturing and engineering business and worked with the directors for 12 years building and growing the company. I’ve since completed my first 5-year contract period with The Passionate PA, and am on my way through the next 5 years!

Favourite drink:
If we’re talking a grown-up drink then it has to be wine – really, any good wine. I’m especially liking some of the Dorset wine producers, they’re doing an awesome job!

Favourite location for a business meeting:
I am loving Zoom, I know a lot of people have found it too much through 2020 and 2021, but for me it saves so much time in travelling (I live in the middle of nowhere) and really allows me to focus on the other person without distraction.

What are you reading?
I’m not a big reader, only really on the sun lounger!

Your guilty pleasure:
Chips and gravy – the northerner in me coming out!

Favourite hobby/pastime:
Spending time with my husband and daughter isn’t really a hobby or pastime, but it is my most favourite thing to do. We’ve got two dogs as well, so we spend a lot of time walking over hills, dales and along beaches!

Most inspirational/influential person in your career:
Three very strong women shaped me at the tender of 15-18 years old and taught me a great work ethic, something that has stuck with me throughout my working life. My most influential boss in my career was my MD back when I worked for Deep Pan Pizza and Tosca, he gave me such an opportunity to fly, I never looked back.

Favourite animal and why:
It’s got to be a dog, I think. Such characters and no strings devotion (except the walks, toys, ball throwing, treats, laps to sit on, comfy cushions to lie on, tidy bed……)

Greatest contact/supplier that deserves a plug:
I was introduced to a fabulous web developer by one of my clients a few years ago, he even said to me “I’m sure you’ll end up using this guy for your other clients”, he was right, he now looks after 3 of my clients’ websites. Howard at HWB Design is just the best. His attention to detail, his detailed approach to the user journey and his great eye for design are second to none. This guy delivers and delivers and delivers, I wholeheartedly recommend him.

Your business plan (in one sentence!) for the coming year:
Work hard, learn more, give back to my local business community.

You can find out more about Debbie by clicking here! Or, drop her an email and make a date for coffee?