Getting to know Jenni

Jenni Bowman is known for her warm and friendly personality as well as her ‘roll-up-your-sleeves’ approach to pretty much anything! Grab a coffee and take a couple of moments to get to know Bournemouth’s Passionate PA…

Jenni joined The Passionate PA in January 2018 after leaving a career as an employed executive PA to several directors. Jen felt the time was right for her to launch her own business, building a client-base that she could balance with the demands of family life. Jenni is incredibly hard-working, organised and proactive – she’s also fabulous fun! She might be from Essex, but we don’t hold that against her 🙂

Getting to know Jenni

Alarm goes off at:

Start the day with:
Coffee, checking emails, social media!

Where do you do most of your work?
I work 80% in clients’ offices and 20% from home – it is a working split I am passionate about – it allows me to get right to heart of a business and feel the pulse. I can get to know the team behind the business and the company dynamics and I can deal with problems on the spot – it works for me and works for my clients.

What sectors do your clients operate within?
I work in a variety of sectors – financial services, audio visual, plantation shutters, franchising, user experience, coaching and even a tech start up.

Best part of your work:
The best part of my work is building relationships – my clients are at the heart of what I do – if they are not happy then I am not happy.  I am also passionate about working in a team of Passionate PAs who inspire me too. We are a force to be reckoned with!

Worst part of your work: 
My own pressure to be the best I can be 100% of the time and deliver for my clients – as well as juggling being a mum/partner/friend/daughter etc etc. I think all working women say the same?

Clients you add most value to:
Those looking to improve efficiency, particularly busy directors whose feet never seem to touch the ground. I love becoming their ‘buffer’; filtering the noise and helping keep them focused on business objectives. Oh, and clients where customer service is everything – that’s my bag!

After work you’ll be:
After work I love to spend time with my family – lockdown saw “Family Fridays” where we cook, play games, watch movies (and maybe a few G&Ts for the adults too!). My partner and I also spend a lot of time walking through the Dorchester countryside where he lives – it really is my happy place now and a chance to just pause, reflect and catch up after a busy week.

Why a franchise with The Passionate PA and not go it alone?
It is the best of both worlds – support of a franchisor (that’s Kate!) and a brand name that gets recognised. Working in a team in an established business is really important to me as I hate to feel alone. But, the flexibility to drive my own results and create the business I want is fab… I have all the tools and support I need which means I can concentrate on what matters – CLIENTS!

What did you do before:
A mix of PA work, office management, sales, facilities management, customer services.

Favourite drink:

Favourite location for a business meeting:
Christchurch Harbour Hotel, beautiful location and scenery.

What are you reading?
I don’t really read!

Your guilty pleasure:
A large glass of red after work

Favourite hobby/past time:
My family, walking with my partner, my friends and I am a huge F1 fan too.

Most inspirational/influential person in your career:
Kate and my team – when we come together as a group – virtually at the moment – I feel uplifted, inspired and driven. We are all different but share a common goal; to be the best at what we do.

Favourite animal and why:
Dogs, loyal and loving!

Greatest contact/supplier that deserves a plug:
Anyone at Dorset Chamber. These guys work really hard and are great at what they do. Connecting, networking, assisting, enabling and advising. If you’re not a member I can highly recommend membership.

Your business plan for the coming year:
This coming year I plan to focus on really channelling the vision of my key clients. We have survived a global pandemic. Now it’s time to work on growth, strategy and creating momentum. Surviving is one thing. Thriving is the next step!

You can find out more about Jenni by clicking here! Or, give her a call – she does love a natter!

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