What does a freelance PA actually do?

In this blog, The Passionate PA based in Poole, Debbie Frith, opens the door to her business to challenge your perception of what a freelance, executive-level PA can offer.

Hi, I’m Debbie, and I have clients across the UK. I’ve been running my franchise with The Passionate PA since 2016 – and I love it. It’s challenging, rewarding and no two days are ever the same.

I wear a number of different hats for my clients. But occasionally, I meet business people who aren’t quite sure what I do or how I can help. So, I thought I’d take the opportunity to shed some light.

Perhaps you think that I spend all my time on admin tasks or secretarial duties? Perhaps you think that I don’t have any physical presence with my clients, spending all my time at a desk in my own home? Perhaps you’re confused between our services and those of a Virtual Assistant?

Well, this blog is all about turning that notion on its head and introducing you to just what our business is really all about.

Every Passionate PA has a unique and valuable background. We’ve all had senior positions within interesting and fast-paced companies across a wide range of sectors, most of us were not even PAs in our last employed role! All of us are great at admin and organisation, naturally, but the essence of The Passionate PA is so much more than admin support. We offer entrepreneurs and business owners a valuable resource by providing flexible, 121, executive-level assistance in all business functions. Check out our team here.

So, what is executive-level assistance?

Exec-level business support encompasses any task or responsibility that affects the success or profitability of a business. We are resourceful, creative doers who can think for you and know how to challenge and nurture in equal measure.

My Passionate PA business is an integral part of several successful companies that are my clients. My focus is to help my clients develop their businesses further. I assist business owners, directors and entrepreneurs to do just that by operating as a freelance Marketing Manager for two clients and a Business Development Manager for another. I provide dedicated traditional PA support to another client and for another, I manage their events and take care of all their external communications and website updates. I couldn’t do all that ‘virtually’ if I tried! I am very often to be found WITH my clients, in their offices, at their events or at our chosen work location.

Across the Passionate PA team, we have people who specialise in project management, copywriting, automation, finance, operations and even preparing a business for sale. Yes, there’s a Passionate PA for everything and the beauty of our services is you only pay for the time you need rather than having any employer commitment. 

My clients tell me they love face-to-face contact – I meet and spend time with all my clients regularly. We build trust and rapport together and really get to know each other. I’m always there when they need me, for the good times and the not so good. I am a commercially experienced sounding board, an ideas generator, a shoulder to cry on but above all a trusted partner in their business. My clients don’t tend to see me as an external resource but rather as an integral part of their team and growth strategy. I love that about my business, it’s an incredibly rewarding job.

My role is to help others develop their businesses, and in turn that helps me develop mine and grow my skills as undoubtedly, we face new and exciting challenges together.

One of the biggest benefits of working the way we do at The Passionate PA is being able to facilitate connections between our clients – introducing one to another so they can benefit from each other’s services is truly rewarding. I’ve got access to a huge pool of talented people that I’ve worked with through my business and through my clients’ businesses, and a wider network of talent that I can tap into when needed through the incredible team of other Passionate PAs. The possibilities are endless.

So, the next time you feel overloaded in your business, or you embark on a growth plan that’s too much for you or your current team, give us a call. Or, when you are out networking, take the opportunity to meet a Freelance Business Support professional (like us) and consider the skills and networks we have. The results of the conversation may just surprise you!

You can learn more about Debbie’s business here and the wonderful Strategic Planning Service she offers here.




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