Strategic Review and Growth Planning with Debbie

Introducing Debbie

Debbie Frith is a commercially astute, operationally focussed business owner who understands the relationship between sales, profit, product/service and people. She loves helping business owners to succeed by partnering with them to drive momentum and results.

She’s been a Passionate PA for nearly seven years and works intimately with a small group of loyal clients to deliver strategic marketing, operational organisation and event management services on a monthly basis to support their business’s development and growth.

Prior to joining #TeamPassionatePA, Debbie spent 12 years co-running her family’s SME manufacturing and engineering business, and before that she worked for over a decade within many senior management and training roles in the hospitality industry.

Now, Debbie offers her wealth of experience and commercial insight to ambitious businesses on a project basis. If you are looking for a strategic growth plan that has absolutely no fluff, then you are in the right place. Debbie is known for her passion for business, her no-nonsense, down to earth and focussed approach and her ability to make things happen.

In this video, Debbie is interviewed by Kate Chastey, Franchisor of The Passionate PA. They talk about Debbie’s experience and outlook, how this service is different from business coaching or mentoring, and explore what Debbie’s “intervention” growth planning service is all about.

Strategic Review and Growth Planning

Debbie will help you step away from the daily management of your business to create the headspace and creativity needed to think clearly and focus on the future you want for your business. Only when you have a crystal clear vision for the future can you create the growth plan needed to achieve your strategic goals. As a business owner seeking a strategic review and growth planning, you are likely to have a small and dedicated team.

You are also likely to be:

  • Experiencing growth in your business but wanting a sustainable way to manage this
  • Wanting to increase operational efficiency and improve current business performance in all areas of people, profit, sales and service/product
  • Looking to increase market share
  • Enjoying the buy-in from existing stakeholders and wanting to engage new stakeholders whether that be clients, suppliers or associates
  • Looking to move from being reactive to proactive in the growth of your business but need help to see things objectively
  • Seeking clarity with marketing activities – wanting to do what’s right rather than have a scatter gun approach.

With your open mind and ambitious nature, you’ll be able to answer some difficult questions about your business and you’ll be ready to explore what’s possible.

You’ll also:

  • Be an SME with current turnover between £100K-£500K per annum
  • Have been in business for three years or more and trading as a UK entity
  • Be growing and, if not in profit, steadily demonstrating financial progress toward profitability
  • Compliant with all relevant trading and employment law

Working Together

Looking for further support?

If putting the meat on the bones is also something you need help with, then Debbie would be delighted to assist. Further sessions can look at stretching KPIs and tactics to support them.

The tactics are catalysts for further operational plans, plans which you and your team will create. These are the individual project plans that will deliver your overall strategic vision.

Debbie can also provide mentoring and support with many areas of marketing, should you or your team need such support. These might include social media strategy, email newsletter set up, LinkedIn strategy, event management, website content planning and so on.

3-hour face to face session and written outcomes – £400

Book two sessions together (separate dates) – £720

1-hour Zoom sessions for check in and ad hoc guidance – £65

No VAT is applicable and travel costs as above.