Skills Showcase: Process Streamlining

In this Skills Showcase, Steph Taylor talks about her work with Vitus Wellbeing; implementing structure and process to create a stronger business.

Our Client

Vitus Wellbeing are a London-based business with a compassionate group of leading psychotherapists offering exceptional support. They pride themselves on being able to offer professional, reputable and reliable mental health services for children, adolescents, adults, couples and families at the time when they need it most.

The business is run by Carly Webb, pictured below, who is warm and people focused as well as extremely knowledgable and experienced as a psychotherapist. She began a partnership with The Passionate PA’s Steph Taylor in November 2021 when she identified business support needs due to growth and service demand.

In this Skills Showcase, we are focusing on just one project that we have delivered for Vitus Wellbeing.

The Initial Problem

When Carly initially enquired with The Passionate PA, there was one key outcome she was looking to achieve: Process & Structure! To be more specific, because the business had grown at pace during the pandemic, Carly felt there was a lack of both process and structure when it came to operations management and the internal communications with therapists working for Vitus.

The service delivered to clients was exceptional, as may happy people would testify, but Carly felt in order to grow further and release pressure and dependency on herself, she needed to have clear, detailed, easily managed client onboarding processes and the accompanying support for therapists.

Our Solution

Steph worked alongside Carly to extract the ‘perfect’ step by step process from Carly’s head. She then mapped this out in a colour-coded flow diagram and streamlined where necessary.

Once approved by Carly and tested for validity, Steph’s next task was to create a full 11-page Therapist Guide document which outlines best working practices, the defined Vitus processes and clear expectations too.

Steph also created accompanying ‘how to’ guides to demonstrate processes and systems to therapists, particularly new team members.

The Outcome

Happy Carly, happy therapists, happy clients – and happy Passionate PA too.

This project had so many positive effects both internally and externally to the Vitus Wellbeing business. The therapists now have clearly defined processes, there is clarity for all in the team and there’s a structured approach to onboarding clients as well as training new team members.

Steph was delighted to be part of this project as it called on her exceptionally organised and process driven nature, as well as her experience of writing handbooks and operations manuals.

Carly shared some wonderful feedback with us too, which can be found below.