Client Story: It’s time for an intervention!

In this Client Story, Debbie Frith talks about her work with Even Keel Solutions; offering no-fluff strategic business review and growth planning sessions.

The Brief

Dorothy Brown is a Licensed Insolvency Practitioner and owner of Even Keel Solutions Ltd, based in Bournemouth, Dorset.

Debbie and Dorothy have worked together on a number of projects and have been members of the same networking groups for 7 years, so they know each other well.

When Dorothy needed to write a strategic business plan, she turned to Debbie to ask for her help. Dorothy was clear in her brief, she wanted Debbie to facilitate a session with her and help her formulate a business plan which would see her continue to grow the business for the next 5 years, that and help Dorothy to scope out a succession plan too.

What Happened

Using a structured approach, Debbie and Dorothy met for their first session. In just a few hours they had figured out the foundation pillars of the business or in other words, the areas of the business that required focus.  These were:

  • Profit
  • People
  • Product
  • Principles

Guiding Dorothy through structured questions, Debbie was able to extrapolate the facts of where the business was right then and there, and where Dorothy wanted the business to be in 5 years. It was a really deep dive into the business, pretty intense, but also fun.

A second session was where the pair created the Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) needed to keep the business and its team on track towards the strategic goal. Beyond that, a set of tactics evolved which Dorothy took back to her team for further exploration and implementation.

Beyond that, Debbie worked with Dorothy on the Marketing Plan for the business. Marketing and business development being Debbie’s key skills.

Since then, Debbie has managed the marketing content creation and distribution for Even Keel Solutions, bolstering their online digital presence and relationships with their wider network. Debbie’s background and understanding of business ensures the content created is authentic, knowledgeable and based on fact and experience.

The End Result

Even Keel Solutions has a strategic business plan covering every aspect of the business operation and team, a plan which will take them forward and support their growth over coming years.

Dorothy has a clear plan for the succession of her business. She knows exactly what needs to be done and by when and is receiving continued support from Debbie on a freelance basis. This support takes the form of regular business support but also Debbie is helping Dorothy stay on track with her plan by facilitating accountability sessions.