Passionate About Profit with Kara Birrell

Let’s talk about your bottom line!

Having an accountant, and even a bookkeeper, is a great way to ensure that your business is compliant with all that HMRC require from you as a business owner. However, sometimes, neither of these services are enough to help YOU get emotionally connected to your numbers.

Do you know your profit margin? Do you understand your overheads?

Do you have a meaningful cashflow forecast? Are you ready for growth?

If the answer is no to any of these questions, or even if you are reading this with a blank expression on your face, Kara can help.

Let’s start at the beginning…

If you have a steady business, perhaps turning over between £50,000 and £250,000, but the idea of financial reporting bores you to tears or worse still, sends shivers down your spine – then you need a business partner who is ‘Passionate About Profit’.

Kara Birrell is a commercially savvy problem solver with over 30 years’ experience in operations management. In all previous roles, she has been responsible for customer services, business growth and improving margins. She now loves to partner with ambitious business owners who have created a successful business from their own passion, but have reached a point where they need to review how they operate in order to regain control and/or scale.

Kara offers a fresh, non-judgemental financial review with feedback personalised to your business and working practices. This isn’t bookkeeping and Kara isn’t an accountant –  she is however highly experienced in business management, predominantly in sectors where margins are squeezed from every angle.

Let’s get connected, emotionally connected, to the numbers!

When we start a business, it’s usually because we are good at “the doing” e.g photography, building websites or leadership coaching. Very few people start with the goal of creating amazing profit margins. However, within a few years, just paying yourself a wage isn’t enough is it… where do you go from there? How do you control your overheads and prepare for sustainable growth?

Once you’ve hit the ‘salary ceiling’, your focus then becomes growth… and profit. But this is where so many business owners stumble.

Kara believes great financial management can only happen when you get 100% emotionally connected to your numbers. That’s where she comes in, with an insanely unhealthy passion for profit, Kara helps her clients get emotionally connected to their bottom line, make calculated changes and therefore get ready for the future they deserve.

In this video, Kara speaks with Kate Chastey, Franchisor of The Passionate PA. They talk about Kara’s experience and outlook, how this service is different from what’s offered by bookkeepers or accountants, and how she helps people get connected to their numbers and ‘Passionate About Profit’!

Getting Passionate About Profit

Working with Kara…

Where are we now? 

Kara will complete a Financial Review of your current business position. This service involves giving Kara access to your previous year’s Profit and Loss account, and this year’s too. If you don’t know where to find that, don’t worry, she’ll help you download it (assuming you use a digital accountancy system such as Xero, Sage, Quickbooks, FreeAgent etc.).

Kara will review the following:

  • Gross Profit
  • Expenses
  • Net Profit

She’ll then lead an hour’s Zoom call with you to summarise where you are and offer non-judgmental feedback on where there are improvements to be had. She will detail between 3-5 recommendations to help you make significant changes in your business.

You will receive a Summary Report to document the process and the recommendations.

Project Fee: £127

Invoiced upon completion. Price not VAT applicable. T&Cs apply.

Working with you to improve

After carrying out the initial review (above), Kara will work with you to help produce a short-term cashflow forecast, considering any ‘tweaks’ on expenses and/or pricing needed from the Profit and Loss review.

This involves an initial 90-minute Zoom call to discuss any changes and how these could be executed within the business within an agreed timeframe – as we know better than most, daily business activities must continue – realism is paramount..

For this part in the process, Kara would need to understand your current order value and sales pipeline, have access to historic financial data (your business bank statements), along with a budget if you have one. She would then produce a meaningful cashflow forecast for you so you can gain insight into where you are heading.

A follow-up 1-hour Zoom call would then be arranged to run through this cashflow report and amend as needed in readiness to ‘go live’ and achieve your ultimate goals.

You will again receive a Summary Report to document the process and all the recommendations in black and white for you to manage or delegate to your team (if you have one).

If you do not have a team, but see the tremendous value in implementing the recommendations and improving your business operations, Kara offers Freelance Business Support on a monthly retainer to clients getting ‘Passionate About Profit’. She will partner with you to tackle the to do list, with a profit focus. Retainers start at just three hours a week, £40 per hour.

Project Fee: £270

Invoiced upon completion. Price not VAT applicable. T&Cs apply.

Monthly Accountability 

This package is simply perfect for those who want to fully commit to improving their bottom line over a whole year. Kara can provide ongoing support to business owners for 12 months, this service provides you with an accountability partner that can help you make decisions and grow your business, without the overwhelm!

This includes a monthly Zoom call to assess the financial progress of the business, discuss any issues encountered and tweak the cashflow forecast as required.

On the second month of each quarter Kara will discuss the next quarter’s cashflow forecast with you before producing it, along with a follow up call prior to the next quarter starting.

At the end of the quarter, Kara will set up a Zoom call with you to look in depth at the previous quarter’s Profit and Loss report, discuss what could have been improved and celebrate the wins… because there will be some!

Monthly Fee: £147

Invoiced upon completion. Price not VAT applicable. T&Cs apply.

Ready to get passionate about your profit?

Ready for even more?

One of Kara’s wonderful clients, Philippa Scobie, is a Financial Strategist. She helps ambitious entrepreneurs take their already proven business model to the next level of financial success and transform into the 7+ figure company of their dreams. Philippa offers coaching and mentoring, and also a fantastic course to help you become profitable, financially organised and confident.