Client Story: Daily PA & Business Support

Jenni Bowman, pictured above, is The Passionate PA for Bournemouth. She joined us in January 2018 to fulfil a life-long ambition of running her own business; doing what she loves to do whilst working alongside like-minded people she adores. This client story proves dreams really can come true…

Mapping out the future

Motivational Maps are a self-perception tool created by founder, James Sale, using his extensive research into human motivation. Motivational Maps are used by both individuals and large organisations all over the world as a tool that automatically analyses responses and generates clear and easy to understand reports that reveals each person’s key motivators and their current level of motivation. Each report provides actionable advice on how to increase motivation where it matters. Motivational Maps are delivered by a 600 strong team of accredited practitioners who are specifically trained to debrief Map results, all supported by a head office team of James Sale, his wife Linda and now, their Exec PA, Jenni Bowman.

Why The Passionate PA?

With James busy writing more books, carrying out further research and delivering motivational speeches, this left Linda to carry out the day to day running of the business; a rapidly growing business! Linda and James had known of The Passionate PA for many years and Linda  was an avid follower of our social media. Then, one day, she decided to make that call “Kate, it’s time, I need one of your team…”

Enter Jenni!

Jenni with Linda and James at his book launch in September 2019.

Delivering the Maps Standard of Service

Jenni and Linda arranged to meet and Linda was instantly put at ease by Jenni’s calm, warm, professional nature, as well as her strong customer service focus (not to mention their shared love of coffee, cats and cake!).

They began their relationship with Jenni taking over the large number of website enquiries that came into Maps Head Office every day. These needed timely responses processing, filtering and delivering to the right practitioner across the world, as well as following up to ensure that the customers were well looked after. Implementing best-practice processes was key here, to ensure the business could continue to grow easily and the communication between Linda and Jenni remained effective. Since Jenni took over all enquiry management, Linda has reported that she feels a sense of relief and peace of mind.

Jenni also provides her extensive skills in organisation and planning to bring a new found level of structure to the Maps team.

From day one, Jenni was delighted to be working with a name like Motivational Maps as they are synonymous throughout the world with effective leadership. Maps are known for their ability to enhance and develop the performance of those professionals that use the tool. Jenni’s relationship with this client has gone from strength to strength, with both parties learning from each other and the trust building all the time.

Going International

Upon the translation of James’s book into Hungarian language, and the subsequent launch of Motivational Maps in that country, Jenni was then tasked with dealing with the vast number of enquiries from the Hungarian community who wanted to sample their own Motivational Map. This has meant quickly trying to develop an understanding of the Hungarian language for both Jenni and Linda!

Community Spirit

Jenni also deals with the growing Maps practitioner community on a day to day basis, ensuring they are well looked after, any technical issues are logged and responded to and any development requests are brought to Jenni and Linda’s monthly meetings. Jenni is delighted to be attending the Motivational Maps Annual Conference in Winchester in October 2019 where the Maps community come together.

Jenni says  “Working with Linda and James is not only hugely rewarding, but it is also thoroughly enjoyable. I get to see real tangible results from my work with them and the Motivational Maps community is such an amazing group of positive and inspirational people to deal with on a day to day basis, it really is an absolute pleasure to work with them all and I am delighted to be able to provide valuable support.”

Jenni relishes the opportunity of working with growing businesses that need not just a ‘doer’ but a team player that can add value and take ideas from a notion to a fully tested product or service that customers love!