Skills Showcase: Blogging

We help our clients bring their story to life. Blogs are an important part of any company’s content strategy but, as is so often the case, can be seen as time consuming to create, post and distribute. Here at The Passionate PA, we offer a tailored service to suit the needs of any business – large or small. The Skills Showcase below focuses on how Laurey Buckland works alongside Rubix Marketing Ltd.

Our Client

Rubix is a successful digital marketing agency that works on the premise that every business is different. They never adopt a one-size-fits-all solution for any client, preferring to listen carefully and deliver a bespoke service that is an exact fit both now and as the client’s business moves forward.

The Initial Problem

Like many growing businesses, Rubix is run by an ambitious individual. Samuel Adams has a passion for customer service and providing digital marketing services in a bespoke way. As refreshing as this is for clients (yep, The Passionate PA is one of them!), it does mean that Samuel has a never-ending ‘to do’ list of high priority client work. This, coupled with the management of his business and exceptional team, meant that early in 2019 he asked Kate, franchisor of The Passionate PA, if there was a solution that would alleviate this pressure point but maintain the ethos of his business.

Our Solution

The Passionate PA has huge synergy with Rubix. We are believers in bespoke services so our solution was to offer to help in a way that suited Samuel. Never short of blog content ideas or themes, Samuel actually just needed someone to:

  • extract the ideas from his head
  • create the strategy – planning ahead 3 months at a time
  • write the individual blog content in a style that suits the company
  • post onto the company’s website, and
  • create accompanying graphics to promote across the company’s social media platforms

The Outcome

All of the above is exactly what Laurey offers! Having been a journalist and published author in her time before The Passionate PA, words are Laurey’s passion. Coupled with her ability to organise and create structure, this is a match made in heaven. So much so, Samuel is even recommending Laurey to his own clients.

In Laurey’s words “Digital Marketing was not exactly my comfort zone when I began working with Samuel, however we have such a similar working ethos and I have absolutely loved talking with Samuel about his knowledge, experience and services. Bringing this to life through the blogs is really great.”