Skills Showcase: Audiotyping

Audiotyping is a dying art, primarily because there is much less need for it in modern business. However, some businesses such as solicitors, insurance brokers, financial services and HR consultancies still rely heavily on it as a way to record conversations with accuracy and speed. 

Our Client

We work with a regional Insurance Broker that is dedicated to doing things differently. Committed to innovation and breaking the traditions of the insurance industry, this company works with every kind of business from Premier League football clubs, multimillion pound businesses, independent sole traders and even private clients too.

The Initial Problem

With a team of account managers on the road, their priority is to meet and advise clients every single day. This customer-focused approach, coupled with increased demand for regulatory compliance, brought with it an administrative challenge. As the Chief Operations Officer identified, these highly qualified individuals were finding it difficult to record meeting notes efficiently. For every face-to-face meeting there was up to an hour of admin work and, over a course of a year, this added up to a huge amount of lost customer-focused time.

Our Solution

The Passionate PA are now the virtual admin team for all the account managers. After each client meeting, an account manager records a meeting summary on the voice app of their phone, which takes around 10-15minutes. They then email the voice recording straight to The Passionate PA admin team and the meeting notes are then typed into bespoke templates, specific to the type of insurance and in line with regulations, and returned to the account manager within 16 business hours – usually much sooner! Due to the highly confidential nature of the content of files, The Passionate PA have a non-disclosure agreement in place as well as secure storage and sharing facilities.

The Outcome

  • Happy clients of the insurance broker as the account managers can focus on delivering the best service and advice possible, and the meeting notes are returned to them within days.
  • Happy account managers as we have taken the headache out of what was an onerous task, allowing them to get on with what they’re good at, selling insurance!
  • Happy compliance officers as all regulations are being adhered to with best practice followed at all times.
  • Happy Chief Operations Officer as the account managers are using their time wisely and are meeting the KPIs set across the business.
  • Happy people… we know this as many of the account managers talk to us on their file notes like old friends, some even providing salutations like “Good Morning Passionate Ones!”
  • Happy Passionate PAs as we LOVE to do great work, and we love to learn. It’s fair to say the whole team here now know a lot more about insurance than your average Joe!

The Passionate PA are in the unique position of being able to provide this sort of service due to our commercially savvy team. From a one-off audiotyping project, to an ongoing requirement, we are happy to talk through your needs and suggest the most time and cost effective solution. 



The name of our client has been withheld due to confidentiality.