Boost Your Business with Strategic Freelance Support

Strategic Freelance Business Support is more than you might expect. Far from being ‘just’ epic email management and diary organisation, the services we offer transform clients’ businesses.

In this blog, Steph Taylor does some straight talking about the strategic business support she delivers to her clients after a 20+ year career in Human Resources and Change Management.


Boost Your Business with Strategic Freelance Support

As an entrepreneur or executive, you need more than task completion from your freelance team members. You need strategic partners offering valuable expertise to accelerate your business growth. With over 20 years of HR leadership experience, I provide strategic skills along with hands-on operational support.

My extensive HR background has refined my ability to understand people, processes and operations. I now use these skills to collaborate with clients, optimising their businesses and driving results. My experience helps me identify their most valuable assets – engaged employees and satisfied customers – to boost retention and loyalty of both. I also have proven change management expertise to guide teams through change (big or small) smoothly.

In addition to strategic insights, I offer tactical support using project management, communication and organisational skills developed through a variety of HR leadership roles. I streamline processes to increase efficiency, I have strong analytical skills in gathering and interpreting data, and identifying actionable insights. My detail orientated mindset ensures clear, consistent policies, documents and procedures too.

My analytical thinking and critical evaluation allow me to objectively assess current processes and initiatives, revealing performance gaps and opportunities. I then help design tailored interventions aligned with my clients’ organisations and target markets. My project management skills ensure initiatives stay on track and on budget.

While I don’t offer formal HR services (there are plenty of companies that do that), I bring well-rounded expertise for value-driven support. My blend of people skills, analytical thinking, project management and passion for operational excellence is what my clients most value.

I can advise on workforce strategies, evaluate candidates, design onboarding programs, and more. I can assist with leadership training and coaching to build management capabilities. I can provide guidance on strengthening culture and engagement.

Operationally, I manage activities ranging from event coordination to streamlining everyday processes efficiently. I oversee special projects, gather and analyse data, manage communications between teams and customers, and keep initiatives progressing smoothly.

Strategic freelance business support is the rocket fuel you need to take your business to the next level. Let’s discuss your plans. 

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