Getting to know Louise

Louise is the Passionate PA for Bristol. She is a professional and dedicated PA with vast experience across the public and private sector. Here she shares a typical day in her world.

Louise joined The Passionate PA in May 2019 after deciding it was her year to fulfil her ambition of becoming her own boss. Louise’s key skills lie in Business Administration, Organisation, Travel Planning and Project Management. She is a master of turning chaos into calm by implementing business systems and workable software solutions. She has a real passion for business and enjoys working with ambitious leaders of smaller companies who are on a mission to grow quickly and efficiently.

Getting to know Louise

Pictures of Louise's life Alarm goes off at: 6am, I’m an early bird!

Start the day with: A huge cup of tea while checking my planner for the day, a quick walk around Portishead Marina with my gorgeous sausage dogs before I start work for the day.

Where do you do most of your work? Currently all my work is from my home office but I’m looking forward to spending time in my clients’ offices when we are able to.

What sectors do your clients operate within: I work across many sectors, the only thing my clients have in common is ambition. I am currently working with an Accountability Coach, Financial Planner, Copywriter and a HNW client to name a few.

Best part of your work: When my clients move from overwhelm to achieving their business goals. It makes me so happy, especially to know I have contributed to their success!

Worst part of your work: Finding a happy balance between creating a successful business and being the greatest mum to my boys.

Clients you add most value to: Clients who are in the growth stage of their business and feel overwhelmed by the enormity of the tasks they have to juggle, or clients who are spending too much time IN their business rather than working ON it and the recognise this is holding them back.

After work you’ll be: When I’m not taxiing my boys to their football training or matches, I’ll be walking my gorgeous sausage dogs, cooking or chilling out with my boys and partner.

Why a franchise with The Passionate PA and not go it alone? It is the best of both worlds – I get to fulfil my dream of being a business owner doing what I love to do, but also having the knowledge that Kate and the other Passionate PAs are there for me for guidance, support and lots of fun along the way.

What did you do before: I was a senior PA to a Director of Nursing and then PA to the Headteacher at a SEN school in North Somerset. Before that, I galavanted around the world in a sales role with British Steel (it sounds way more glamorous than it actually was!!) ☺

Favourite drink: A lovely G&T…

Favourite location for a business meeting: Somewhere light, airy and preferably with a view!

What are you reading? The Dressmaker and Your Dream Life Starts Here.

Your guilty pleasure: Chocolate, and more chocolate.

Favourite hobby/past time: Walking, cooking and cycling (but only if the sun is shining).

Most inspirational/influential person in your career: My dad, he always supported and encouraged me to take opportunities that arise and make the most of them!

Favourite animal and why: Dogs, particularly mine! Because they are such loyal little things and just the best company.

Greatest contact/supplier that deserves a plug: I’d have to say Niki Matyjasik. I have worked with Niki for over a year now and love every minute. To see how she has grown her business is so inspiring. Niki is also my business coach who holds me accountable in my business and pushes me ‘out of my comfort’ zone to achieve my business goals.

Your business plan (in one sentence!) for the coming year… To continue to grow a successful and rewarding business that allows me to use my vast skill set.

You can find out more about Louise by clicking here! Or, pop her an email and make a date to get together for coffee.

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