Dominique is an experienced PA who has travelled extensively all over the world. She is efficient and impeccably organised which allows her to pick up any task and ensure it’s completed to a very high standard.

Her greatest skills are with Administration, Organisation, Concierge and Event Management and Dominique particularly enjoys project management work alongside entrepreneurial business owners. Dominique became our first franchisee in October 2012, and quickly became an awesome Passionate PA. She can be utterly relied upon to make things happen!

Skills List

  • Email Management
  • Travel Planning
  • Appointment Setting
  • Event Management
  • Invoicing and Credit Control
  • Market Research
  • Competitor Analysis
  • All things admin and organisation
  • Archiving and Online Filing Systems
  • Supplier Management
  • Database Management
  • Face to Face Sales
  • Mystery Shopping
  • Microsoft Applications
  • CRM systems
  • And much, much more!

Contact Details

Areas of work
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Dominique provides executive freelance PA services in East Devon and Somerset - focusing on Honition, Axminster, Bridport, Lyme Regis, Seaton, Cullompton and surrounds.

Dominique's Professional Highlights

Dominique graduated from Cardiff University with a BSc in Marine Geography but before pursuing a career decided to adhere to her travelling bug and set off around the world for 6 months. The adventure of a lifetime ensued where Dominique made sure she made the most of every opportunity and possibility, including gaining “spontaneous access” (we don’t gate crash!) to Richard Branson’s Hollywood $5,000-a- ticket party and shaking his hand as he told her she had balls!

Her love of travelling as well as her interest in the sea then led to her to begin working onboard a classic sailing yacht – Mariette of 1915. Dominique worked as a stewardess and deckhand, sailing around the Mediterranean, across the Atlantic and around the Caribbean islands. She developed her love of event planning and managed the organisation of Mariette competing in world-class regattas and the owner’s daily activities and evening invitations and parties.

After a couple of years of the sailor’s life, Dominique returned to Devon to work as an event organiser at a local college, dealing with a graduation ceremony from start to finish. Loving every tiny detail of the event, Dominique felt it was a great success and gained invaluable experience in Event Management. Her attention was then caught by a job advert to work as a personal assistant for Willie Harcourt-Cooze, the real-life version of Willy Wonka, making world class chocolate. Here, Dominique’s passion for being a personal assistant was made concrete as she planned, organised, researched and managed the administration, office, parties, PR events, the business’s marketing strategies and global food shows.

Dominique married the love of her life in 2012, along with buying a five-year building project and becoming the pilot franchisee for The Passionate PA. Dominique doesn’t do things by halves! She’s fully embraced the opportunity to be a Passionate PA and shares Kate’s love and commitment for the business. Becoming the pilot franchisee meant Dominique has been able to concentrate on everything she loves about being a PA, as well as work towards her ambition of running her own business.

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Meet The Passionate PAs

Each Passionate PA has an extensive skill set, varied business background and experience of operating within senior management teams of businesses both large and small. We are not virtual assistants; we are self-employed freelance PAs that are 100% committed to delivering exceptional client work and being part of #TeamPassionatePA – a successful and growing franchise. With extensive training and support from the franchise, each individual Passionate PA partners with their own set of clients based on location, skill, experience and personality. Individually, we make a huge difference to our clients’ lives through our unwavering motivation, striking efficiency and remarkable ability to simply ‘make things happen’.