Getting to know Emily

Meet Emily

Emily is a professional and dedicated freelance PA, with vast experience from a career in Human Resources. In this quick fire blog, we get to know her a little better, now she’s The Passionate PA for Weymouth and West Dorset.

Emily joined The Passionate PA in July 2020 after more than a decade in Human Resources. Exceptionally qualified and with many career highlights under her belt, she is now using her skills and experience to help entrepreneurial clients achieve great things! Offering support in Business Planning and Administration, Project Management and Freelance HR, she has a real passion for people and enjoys working with ambitious leaders who are on a mission to grow quickly and efficiently.

Getting to know Emily

Alarm goes off at:
Ha, I don’t have an alarm, I have an 11 month old baby who is even more of an early bird than his mum and loves a 5:30am wake up 😊

Start the day with:
A Joe Wick’s workout in the lounge with my boy.

Where do you do most of your work?
In my home office right now due to Coronavirus. I love it there as it is my space to be productive, successful and focus on my work.

What sectors do your clients operate within:
Right now, they are Coaching and Property Management. But I’m looking to expand my client base and would love to get into the nitty gritty of partnering with a HR company that needed ad hoc qualified assistance or entrepreneur looking to take the next step to grow their business but needs my help to make it happen!

Best part of your work:
The variety and so much opportunity to learn. Oh and so many people, I love people!

Worst part of your work:
Working for yourself sometimes makes it hard to switch off and have clear work time vs home time.

Clients you add most value to:
Clients that need logic, organisation and to get things done. Plus growing teams that need human resources support.

After work you’ll be:
Outside somewhere with my family – on or by the sea if at all possible! Walking, cycling, paddle boarding, swimming and camping… anything with fresh air and a bit of activity.

Greatest career highlight so far:
Completing my masters degree and winning two Dorset Business Awards for my work at Atlas Elektronik where I lead the Learning and Development function. Being part of the team that secured the Sailing Academy as an Olympic venue. Helping more than 100 people achieve promotions and take the next steps in their careers.

Favourite drink:
Hendricks Gin and Tonic (with a slice of cucumber and ice of course)

Favourite location for a business meeting:
I am quite fond of the Duchess Of Cornwall in Poundbury as this was where I had my first ever Passionate PA business meeting. However, a client recently suggested that we meet for a Paddleboard Meeting – I think that might top it!

Favourite music/band:
Oh tricky, I have very eclectic taste in music with no obvious front runners, however, anything live, especially if there is a saxophone involved, will have me dancing all night long.

What are you reading?
Becoming by Michelle Obama, and The Chimp Parodox by Prof. Steve Peters.

Your guilty pleasure:
Cheesy music… did I mention I’ll always be the first one on and last one off the dance floor!

Most inspirational/influential person in your career:
My mum – she inspires me every day and influences every decision that I make. She taught me about work ethic, people and following your heart for a happy life. 

Happiest day of your life:
Toooo tricky! My wedding day, my 21st Birthday, the first time I held my baby boy in my arms – joint best.

Greatest contact/supplier that deserves a plug:
The person I go to for anything and everything that involves graphic design from cards to scrap books to wedding stationery is Lydia Dryer of Confetti Designs.

Your business plan (in one sentence!) for the coming year…
Partner with great clients to help them grow; which helps me grow and have some fun!

You can find out more about Emily by clicking here! Or, pop her an email and make a date to get together for coffee.

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