Franchisee Training and Team Masterclass (with Video)

In this blog, we share a glimpse into the training experience of our new franchisee Nicola Anderson (pictured left, back row) which included a week away with franchisor, Kate Chastey (pictured centre, front row). The pair immersed themselves in the launch of Nicola’s business and on the Wednesday were joined by the whole team for a masterclass delivered by Abigail Barnes of Success By Design Training.

We Do Things Differently

Once upon a time, Kate had a dream. She wanted to create a business full of incredibly capable, talented, driven people where each was nurtured and encouraged to create their own personal version of success. No hierarchy, no egos, no pretentiousness – simply great people doing great work and achieving their full potential.

That dream is now a reality!

In May 2022, Kate welcomed another new franchisees to #TeamPassionatePA. Nicola began her Franchisee Training on the 3rd May with a jam-packed calendar of learning. We provide a mix of self-led online learning through our bespoke e-learning platform which hosts our full Operations Manual and many other bespoke courses too.

Kate also works 121 with each new franchisee to provide masterclasses and upskilling in all areas of business management. Kate says “I don’t teach new franchisees how to be a PA, I teach them how to run a business, build and develop a client set to be proud of and most importantly, market themselves correctly to their ideal client. In today’s world, having great business support skills is not enough to be successful as a freelancer – you need to know how to actually run a business too.” 

The Training Retreat

Nicola’s training experience included a whole week away! She and Kate relocated to Stroud (half way between them both) for four and a half days to immerse themselves in the set up and launch of Nicola’s Passionate PA franchise.

Monday: Settling in to the AirBnB and dinner with Laurey, another member of the team from ‘up north’.

Tuesday: Professional photoshoot with our amazing team photographer Cerrie Simpson and the whole team arrived for dinner together for the first time since September 2021!

Wednesday: Full team masterclass with guest speaker from London.

Thursday: Nicola and Kate spent the whole day working on Business Development with masterclasses, client enquiry calls and a great cheese board for dinner!

Friday: We recorded Nicola’s introductory video for her webpage – see more here.

Nicola said “this was such a fabulous week! Better than I could have imagined. Every day was different. A little scary with some things I’d never done before but Kate provides such genuine and calm support that nothing seemed impossible. The result of this week was a sense of real achievement and I’m raring to go… bring on the clients!” 

The Team Masterclass

After our lovely team dinner on Tuesday evening, Wednesday morning brought even more excitement. Three times a year Kate organises masterclasses for everyone. These are opportunities not just to come together as a team but to learn, explore, develop and upskill.

May’s masterclass was on the topic of Productive Well-being with sensational speaker Abigail Barnes. Abigail’s business is Success By Design Training and she was enlisted to help us all view productivity in a fresh light…

Abigail is an international speaker and trainer and author of ‘Time Management for Entrepreneurs’. She works with ambitious professionals, driven business owners, companies, founders and CEOs who want to increase productivity and improve work-life balance for themselves and their teams. She teaches how to prioritise tasks not time, maximise resources to improve efficiency and focus on the activities that create results.

Abigail understands human motivation and uses her own life-changing wake-up call to inspire, motivate and teach audiences how to transform their mindset and results. She leaves audiences excited, ready to take action and begging for more. From the outset Abigail was engaging, supportive and very fun to work with.

“This came at just the right time for me and helped secure my motivation to make the changes necessary to reset my mind, body, and soul!” said Debbie Frith, our longest standing franchisee.

Steph Taylor, who joined in November 2021, added “The event was itself a masterclass in how to build a high performing team through investment, development and team spirit. The energy, camaraderie and commitment in the room was amazing. Everyone brought something different to the table which was not only accepted but celebrated and shared.” 

Watch our video to see the week unfold…

After the masterclass, Jenni Bowman also shared “quite often in life, social media photos and posts can be manipulated to make things look far better than they really are.  However, coming together for a PPA Masterclass is every bit as wonderful as the photos look, if not more so. As a group we share laughter, tears, experiences, solve problems, discuss client work and of course, there is also a day of learning. Learning together as a team brings out the best in all of us. It can often be difficult to find time in a busy working and family life to have an away day, however it is ALWAYS worth it.”

If you would like to know more about our incredible team, please click here or, if you’d like to explore joining #TeamPassionatePA, please click here!

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Getting to know Nicola

Nicola Anderson is an experienced and commercially savvy action taker offering executive level business support to ambitious business leaders. Grab a coffee and take a couple of moments to get to know her better.

Nicola joined us in May 2022 after a career in Commercial and Operations Management. Nicola’s aim is to partner with clients who are looking to grow at pace whilst operating as officially as possible.

Getting to know Nicola

Alarm goes off at:

Start the day with:
A very large coffee (or two, yes I’m an addict!) whilst checking LinkedIn and my emails. Then writing a ‘To Do List’ for the day ahead.

Where do you do most of your work?
Mostly in my home office, but I like to get out and about networking and seeing people face to face as much as I can.

What sectors do your clients operate within?
Currently I am working with several entrepreneurial business owners who deliver training and motivational speaking businesses along with 1:1 coaching. I also have a client who runs a tendering and bid management company for the construction industry.

Best part of your work:
The freedom it gives me to make my own decisions and manage my own diary to work for me and my family. Plus, the variety it gives me, I love being busy and having lots of balls in the air, solving problems and making other people’s lives easier.

Worst part of your work:
Having an office so close to the fridge!!!

Clients you add most value to:
Growing businesses that need someone commercially savvy to help them save time by introducing order and processes to streamline their business and to be their sounding board and ideas generator.

After work you’ll be:
Found in the garden, at yoga, spending time with family and friends or watching cricket at Trent Bridge. Anything that makes me appreciate life and smile.

Why a franchise with The Passionate PA and not go it alone?
I wanted to feel part of a team and I so do. The support from Kate Chastey is amazing and the other Passionate PAs are awesome too. We are such a supportive team and the skills and experience we have collectively are hard to beat.

What did you do before:
For the majority of my career I have worked as a Commercial and Operations Manager in the construction industry. I loved nothing more than delivering complex projects, and coaching and mentoring my teams. To see others reach their potential is so rewarding.

Favourite drink:
After coffee it has to be Aperol Spritz, preferably in the sunshine!

Favourite location for a business meeting:
West Bridgford in Nottingham, it has such a great cosmopolitan feel and optimistic vibe. Plus, the added bonus is that you may even bump into a famous cricketer as Trent Bridge is just down the road!

What are you reading?
I have just finished Why Has Nobody Told Me This Before by Dr Julie Smith, which was a great read for understanding the mind and emotions better. I am now reading a couple of books written by some of my clients; The Future is Freelance by Kirsty Hulse and Culture by Benjamin Drury.

Your guilty pleasure:
Spending too many hours watching Sky Sports! I think it comes from growing up with two sport mad brothers and my Dad, and now living with my husband and two sons who all love sport too. I was brought up as a Chealsea fan, but I would say that I am definitely a Nottingham Forest fan now (just don’t tell my Dad!).

Favourite hobby/past time:
Gardening and aromatherapy. I love learning about the healing power of our gardens and what grows there!

Most inspirational/influential person in your career:
Kate Chastey, for the belief and support she gives all of The Passionate PAs. Together we can achieve great things!

Favourite animal and why:
Cats, love their independence and self-sufficiency!

Greatest contact/supplier that deserves a plug:
Claire Bicknell founder of the Catena Network. Claire is such a great introducer and delivers fantastic events in amazing locations.

Your business plan for the coming year:
To develop a client base that I can build solid, trusted relationships with to help them achieve their business growth plans and become their confidential sounding board and trusted PA.

You can find out more about Nicola by clicking here! Or, give her a call – she does love a natter!

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Nicola Anderson joins The Passionate PA


Business Launch Success: 14 days, 3 new clients

Leading freelance business support company, The Passionate PA, welcomed a new face to the team in May and within 14 days have celebrated the onboarding of not one but THREE new clients.

Nicola Anderson joins the team from a 30+ year career, predominantly in Operations and Commercial Management. She’s very much looking forward to partner with clients who are looking to grow at pace whilst operating as efficiently as possible and to impeccable standards. 

She joins The Passionate PA as a franchisee based in Nottingham, fulfilling her own ambition to be a business owner but adopting the company’s very clear mission; to assist ambitious business leaders and entrepreneurs in their pursuit for business success. Working in partnership with clients, each Passionate PA offers a unique and valuable set of skills to help create the momentum and results their clients desire. Services range from Business Admin and Organisation to Event Planning and Project Management, right through to Marketing and Business Development activities… there is no end to the skills and commercial experience offered by the team at The Passionate PA!

Before Nicola had finished franchisee training, she and franchisor Kate Chastey, had successfully found and onboarded three wonderful clients for Nicola. Benjamin Drury, Founder and CEO of The Culture Guy said “Anyone looking for not just admin support but business support should chat to Nicola. I’ve been working with Nicola for less than two weeks and she’s made a huge difference in that short time. I can’t recommend Nicola and The Passionate PA enough. So glad to have them on my team.”

Nicola brings an added layer of knowledge to #TeamPassionatePA with nearly two decades spent within the construction industry.  In her last employed role, Nicola was responsible for leading sustainable growth, identifying and developing the people, products and processes needed to establish the business as a ‘go to’ supplier for turnkey solutions. In her last 12 months in this role, Nicola grew her division by approximately 40% which had a significant positive impact on the company’s reputation and visibility.

Nicola says: “I am so thrilled to have found an exciting new challenge that allows me to bring together all of my commercial experience to assist ambitious entrepreneurs in pursuit of their business goals. I have a genuine passion for business and achieving goals and targets is in my blood. Becoming a Passionate PA has given me the launch pad and team ethos I need to thrive!”

Flexibility is key to the success in entrepreneurial businesses. 

Franchisor, Kate Chastey says: “Nicola is an exceptional addition to our team of commercially savvy, career-minded individuals. I have been really impressed with Nicola’s determination, approach and personality so far and with three client wins under her belt, I just know she is going to create the business she desires and work with some wonderful clients along the way. Flexibility is the key to entrepreneurial business and that is exactly what we offer – it’s a win/win for clients and my franchisees. The future is freelance!”

If you would like to work with Nicola, visit her webpage or call her directly on 07580 068 634.


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