We’re celebrating 10 years in business!

In December 2017, The Passionate PA celebrated 10 wonderful years working with the South’s leading business people. Things are pretty different now to how they were in 2007… but we’re always ready for a challenge!

2007 – What a year!

The iPhone was released, Keeping Up With the Kardashians aired its first episode, we were all watching Harry Potter movies and the smoking ban came into force.

What was really exciting though, was the launch of a great little business in Bournemouth – the hard work and dedication of Sarah Howells who really wanted to help busy business owners get more done and be more organised.

In 2017, we are so pleased to say we’ve been working with entrepreneurs and business leaders for a decade. Nearly everything has changed in that time; the way we all do business, the speed at which we all work has increased, the technology is unrecognisable with an app for everything now but, one things for sure, our clients still mean the world to us!

A big thank you to everyone who helped Sarah in the beginning, who nurtured Kate when she took over the reigns and who has supported each of The Passionate PAs as they have grown into exceptional business women. We’re incredibly proud of our success and very excited about the next 10 years!