Sarah joins The Passionate PA

Sarah Hannah joins the team as our franchisee for Somerset. In July and August 2018, Sarah spent valuable time with Kate learning about how to run a successful freelance PA business – read all about it here! 

We are delighted to announce that Sarah Hannah has joined our team as franchisee for Somerset – covering Taunton, Bridgewater, Wells and Frome. Sarah will be offering business owners in her area a range of services including Admin, Organisation, Concierge, Event Management, Marketing and even business strategy advice for start ups too!

You can read all about Sarah’s skills and experience by clicking here!

So why The Passionate PA?

Sarah made contact with Kate Chastey back in April, having heard about our business at a few networking events and having read about the launch of Claire Bartlett and Jenni Bowman in the local business press. The Passionate PA was the answer to a question Sarah had been asking for a long time – “how can I be a PA, a business woman and have the life I want?”

After initial discussions with Kate, it was pretty clear to both ladies that Sarah was soon to become part of our team. As a Passionate PA, Sarah can bring together all her skills, experience and know-how to deliver exceptional levels of service to entrepreneurs and ambitious business owners, whilst having the support and mentorship of a franchisor and larger team.



Sarah says: “Decision made, contracts signed – now what? It’s 17th July and Kate’s handed me a large white folder and informed me that she will slowly be handing over an intensive, all-you-need-to-know guide to becoming a Passionate PA. I have to admit my initial thoughts were ‘why are you teaching a PA how to be a PA’ and ‘does it really need a week or two of my life’.

Well, what silly questions! I couldn’t have been more wrong! After the first day of training I was exhausted, and I had at least 8 days still to go! This wasn’t just a how-to guide. The training over the coming days was so much more than the basics of how to be a freelancer. Kate’s heart and soul were presented in an Operations Manual and one-to-one training. Every page offered examples and best practice, Kate’s business acumen and everything she has learnt over the years of running The Passionate PA. There were stories galore; real life examples of how and what to do in, what feels like, every client situation that I could possibly experience!

Were there elements of the Manual that I knew, understood and felt comfortable with? Of course! But even in these sections there were still valuable discussions to be had as the differences between an employed PA and a freelance PA are actually much bigger than I initially realised.

The weeks with Kate allowed us both time to get to know each other really well, work on the areas I wasn’t confident in and above all, it has given me a solid grounding from which to start my business under The Passionate PA name. One thing I did realise – after catching up on some much needed sleep – this is my journey but I am in no way alone. I have a PA family with me every step of the way – priceless! I am so incredibly excited to get going!”